HOLOS Amulets – for Love, Peace & Unity

By definition, an Amulet is an object whose most important characteristic is to protect its owner from danger or harm. The power of this amulet is to bring inner peace and love to the wearer. The more peace and love generated in the world, the more connected we feel.


Special Pricing and New Amulets  Help Us Spread the HOLOS Peace Message Globally.

“It is our greatest wish that we can live together in the spirit of our One Humanity.”

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This campaign is a Call to Action for Love, Peace, and Unity.

Our planet and our global family are at a critical crossroads. So many of us long deeply in our hearts for peace and connection. HOLOS 3D printed Amulets are universal symbols for inner peace. Their infinite energy flow rejuvenates, connects and protects. The beautiful design can give a feeling of happiness and they make a great gift to yourself and others.

Our Goals for HOLOS Kickstarter Campaign:

  • For you to experience greater peace and connection in your life.
  • To expand the HOLOS peace message from local to global.
  • To partner with individuals and organizations working for peace.
  • To support peace projects globally.
  • To mentor peace builders through webinars and trainings.
  • To mentor cities becoming International Cities of Peace.
  • To create HOLOS public art sculptures for peace.
“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Design

The HOLOS design starts with the torus geometry of a “Life-Saver”. Peace will save many lives so the life-saver geometry felt appropriate. 9 spiral design is the source of free energy, and can be a rejuvenator of hope for humanity and a joy to those who view or wear it.

Building a Culture of Peace

Building a culture of peace in our communities will benefit us all. When we shift from fear and separation to unity and love, the benefits begin within ourselves and radiate out to our friends, our family, and into our community.

Cities of Peace

  • Crime Reduction
  • Violence Reduction
  • Improved Economic Performance
  • Improved Education Performance
  • Enhanced Government Performance

“Let your HOLOS Amulet be an outward symbol of your inner peace and commitment to unity and love. We might feel separate but we are all essential to the whole; we’re all connected at the source. We are all agents for change and Peace Ambassadors; and we invite you to partner with us. Let this symbol of unity and love become a part of your life and share your peace with the world.” – Brian Berman

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Here’s What People Are Saying

Over and over again, the HOLOS Amulets have had a profound impact on the wearer.  

“I am so happy to have this new HOLOS! So grateful for your offerings of beauty and spirit. Feeling blessed by your work, this beautiful symbol of health and wholeness.” Deborah B

“I received the Holos today and it is so beautiful. I put it on and find comfort in how it brings healing energies into my very being, like a vortex portal. Thank you so much. My wife and I would like to make a trip to visit your studio and we will make an appointment with you when we can make the trip. I am pleased to have found your website and to have had the opportunity to make your acquaintance. It will be an even greater delight when we will be able to meet. Thank you for touching my life in such a meaningful way. Peace.” Adrian G

“My HOLOS talisman arrived today and it is Perfect! I have seen many other torus pendants/talismans before finding Yours, but Yours was definitely the most beautiful. I thank you for everything. All the best to you Brian.” Tommy

“I recently received my HOLOS Amulet from a good friend. I didn’t know what to expect but I can tell you what did happen when I put it around my neck I immediately felt an energy that I did not have before. All my interactions with people were so much easier and comfortable. I was in the middle of a photo shoot at the time and all of a sudden everything seemed much more alive and with each model I felt a connection to them I wasn’t feeling before I wore the HOLOS Amulet. I wondered if it was just my happiness of receiving the HOLOS Amulet but from that day forward many things about my daily well being, my feeling of energy and overall outlook was so much better. I was a restless sleeper. I use a FitBit activity tracker that monitors my sleep and it used to show several periods of restlessness before the HOLOS Amulet. Now I have been sleeping soundly for the entire night. Finally today at lunch with friends, someone said to me ”You look so good with that pendant.” I feel very much at one with my world. I believe it is because of the HOLOS Amulet and I wear it everyday and I love it! ” David B

“The Holos design is a new sacred geometry. When I look at the design, I see a “labyrinth to our soul”. You have cleared yourself enough to bring forward this symbol for peace. Congratulations.”Karen

“The Holos design is complex simplicity at its finest, much like the organization of our universe. Thanks much, Brian. Sincerely and with respect.” Fred A

I love the HOLOS – a simply elegant design, infinite continuity, and leading edge creation (3D printing). The fact that it comes in a choice of finishes is even more impressive. It will win, just keep it simple and let it flow. In so many ways it sells itself!”  Michael N

“I love this beautiful symbol for world peace and unity. I wear mine all the time, it goes with almost all of my other necklaces. It just feels good!” Annatta C

“I have seen this symbol for one humanity as a pendant, they are nothing short of stunning artistry, and an amazing and powerful symbol for oneness in itself!” MarilynS